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Jillian Regan

Jillian Regan is the creator, writer, and photographer for The Regan Creative blog.

She is the photographer and owner of Jillian Regan Photography, LLC. Jillian Regan Photography, LLC specializes in commercial/corporate, equine/equestrian, and event photography. Portrait sessions are also offered. Jillian enjoys helping organizations visually tell their stories in their own brand voice in images that appeal to their ideal audience, customers, or clients. Jillian Regan Photography, LLC also sells a variety of retail goods, through three online stores, ranging from office supplies, to home goods, to clothing and accessories.

Jillian was born, raised, and educated in Virginia (United States). She was born in Norfolk, VA, raised in Chesapeake, VA, obtained her bachelors degree from James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) and her master’s from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA). Jillian happy to call Charlottesville, Virginia home, but loves to travel. Traveling out to the western part of the United States in 1999 was what really sparked her interest in photography, first as a hobby and then as a profession. In 2011, nine of her travel photographs, along with 3 other (1 equine/equestrian and 2 nature) photographs were exhibited in her first gallery show, at Madison Union Art Gallery at James Madison University. In 2012, Jillian began doing product photography, at first mainly for her first small online retail business, which is still in operation today under the name Misty River Garden.

As a business owner herself, Jillian understands the important role that visual images play in communicating an organization’s services or products to their clients or customers.